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PiNetwork - Social Network PiNetwork - Social Network Create your own social network like FaceBook. Let the users coming back to your site again and again.
Specialized software Specialized software Any type of analytic database systems, advertising cooperation systems (Affiliate), web-based systems capable to print maps with statistical data on them and others.
PiCatalog – online management catalogue PiCatalog – online management catalogue The catalog can contain an unlimited number of categories and sub-categories. Each category can contain an unlimited number of products (goods). The flexibility of the system is so great that within a catalog can be placed completely different products and each category can filter the content on them.
PiGenerator - Let users work for you! PiGenerator - Let users work for you! Administrator formed a number of templates for different types of sites. Users register and begin to create their own sites (sub-domains) based on these templates. Users fill out the information in sub-domains. Finally, a network of sites is built by users.


PILLAX has developed a number of ready-to-use products. With their help we can accelerate the development of your orders, and reduce the price.