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PiGenerator - Let users work for you!

The social network consists mainly of 3 parts:

Let's take look at the detail:

They are the registered users in the site. They might send each other messages and to use the site resources. Each user might edit only his/her own materials. The administrators may edit users materials.

The administrator creates a pattern for a specific group. The pattern represents the structure of the group - what sort of links in the navigation will be represented, and where will they redirect. The administrator may create unspecified number of groups. As an example, if we need our users to create pages of touristic sights, we will make a pattern which has:

For creation of the structure of a group are used elements. The elements are added or rearranged by simple dragging with the mouse. Up to date the platform has the following elements:

The group content is edited from users authorized by administrator directly on the site.

These are the possible relations between groups and users. The relation in general is created as follows:

If the user has created a relation through “I like this sight” in the group Shipka peak, user’s picture with note and link to his/her profile in the block “People who love this sight”. An icon with comment towards the sight appears in the user’s profile – feedback is created.

Admin can create and manage unlimited number of relations.


Group type structure List of orders for subscription for commercial groups Review of subscription order of commercial group List with the type of groups, created from admin Edit of Group-Group relation; here we choose what type of groups are to take part in the relation Group-Group relation edit List of GG relations Edit of Group-User relation List of Group-User relations Edit of relation User-User Type relations choice User edit form Characteristic of type Field choice that will be used in the tables data of the group Groups characteristics - each of them will contact element "Features" or the homepage of the group Edit districts, municipalities and settlements Group edit. Here are edited only the main parameters of the group. Groups list