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PiDate - ready to use dating website

Fully automated system for dating online; in addition to the standard settings, PILLAX DATE provides more options, such as automatic astral sign assignment, planet and element to each user, a possibility the friends of the user to leave visible comments to the user profile, etc.

The platform allows the admin with ease to add new languages, to change the characteristics of the users, such as eyes colour, favourite animal, height, etc.

It is really easy to work with PiDate. The handy and intuitive interface of the control panel allows the administrator to add, delete or block users, to send an e-mail to a selected user, or to activate a system for sending multiple e-mails with delayed start.  PiDate has anti-spam filters, a lot of options to manage users’ pictures /rotation, size change, adding of logos, etc./, review and approval of the uploaded customers photos, change of user personal data,  to deactive/edit/delete e-mails/messages. Search engine /simple or full/, etc.

If the  customer wishes, PILLAX can incorporate additional extras to the system, such as:

If you have any questions concerning piDate – do not hesitate to contact us.


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