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PiCatalog – online management catalogue

PiCatalog has all PiCMS functions, and in addition has options for web-catalogue management.

The catalogue may consist of unlimited number of categories and sub-categories. Each category may consist of unlimited number of products/objects. The flexibility of the system is so big that in one catalogue is possible to set absolutely different products, and each category may filter the content by them.

For example, it is possible to have presented automobiles in one category, and in another shampoos at the same time.  Each automobile may be presented with characteristics as colour, power, body type, made, etc. On other hand, the shampoos can be described if they are for men, women, children, price, etc. Only in PiCatalog the customer has the opportunity to create these specific characteristics and to attach them to the corresponding category. It is always possible to add, change and delete particular feature.

Each product on the site may have lots of pictures, uploaded files /leaflets, manuals/, audio and video files for online streaming, etc.

Each product or category may be deactivated and reorganized. Each category may have its personal header – a picture or a flash animation. A huge variety of options are possible to be delivered at customer’s desire.


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